I like to have fun more fun then most people

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neck kissing is honestly the hottest, most seductive thing anybody could ever do to me. if you kiss my neck, if you playfully bite my neck, if your tongue touches my neck i will melt in your fingertips.

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Like not once did she say “I want a prince to come and rescue me from my situation.”

She just wanted to look cute and turn the fuck up at the party.

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Cinderella never asked for a prince. She asked for a night off and a dress.
Drug Dealer Tip of the Day: →


DO NOT RAT. This is so obvious and everyone who’s considering dealing has probably heard it at least once.. but yet people are still doing it in mass numbers every single day. I’m not a gangster, I’m just a business oriented person trying to make college money, but I’ll definitely take action if I…

Drug Dealer Tip of the Day:


Don’t get high off your own supply, unless someone’s got  $5 on it.  Charging $5 to smoke a bowl with you will always allow you to break even/make small profit if you don’t pack ridiculously big bowls.  Packing smaller bowls also allows you to sometimes make another $5 when they want to smoke another one right after.  

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